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The best success stories are written by life...
With compact Customer Success Stories, our customers report authentically and unvarnished from their everyday business life with SpoolMaster and Qlik.
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Customer Success Stories and References

With Customer Success Stories, also called user reports, practical reports or case studies, we show you the practical use of our software products and services - first-hand, authentic and completely unadorned. We let our customers speak and tell you about their success stories. Be inspired by the Customer Success Stories of our customers and learn more about what is possible with software solutions and an IT partner like ROHA. True to the motto:
One partner. All possibilities.

Output Management SpoolMaster IBM AS400

SpoolMaster Customer Success Stories

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With SpoolMaster on the pulse of time - B2C requires high flexibility

"With SpoolMaster we were able to modernise our reports within a few weeks."

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The birth of the SpoolMaster module E-mail Tracking

"GESIBA has always strived to simplify processes. SpoolMaster supports us here with easy-to-use tools."


eBilling ensures modern invoice dispatch

"SpoolMaster was the most comprehensive solution on the market to fully meet our requirements."

galliker logo new

Galliker digitises numerous processes in the output area

"With the help of SpoolMaster, we have already been able to digitise numerous processes in the output area and thus convert to a paperless application."


Top performance - Made in Austria

"With the use of SpoolMaster, a massive reduction in printing costs and thus a reduction in the burden on the environment could be achieved!"


SpoolMaster goes China!

"The versatility of SpoolMaster is also demonstrated by the fact that Chinese characters can be used as overlays."

compass24 logo en 3x

Cast off! With SpoolMaster, Compass has a firm grip on the rudder

"SpoolMaster helps us further automate forms printing and mailing and respond faster to new output management requirements."

With SpoolMaster on the pulse of time - B2C requires high flexibility
Oswald Nahrungsmittel GmbH
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The birth of the SpoolMaster module "E-Mail Tracking
GESIBA Gemeinnützige Siedlungs- und Bauaktiengesellschaft (non-profit housing and construction corporation)
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eBilling ensures modern invoice dispatch
Neimcke GmbH & Co. KG
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The "spool masters" Herbert Pfeifer and Michael Karl immediately set sail.
Compass Yachtzubehör Handels GmbH & Co. KG
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waff optimises services for employees and jobseekers with Qlik Sense
Vienna Employee Promotion Fund (waff)
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Data-driven insights for all!
Murexin GmbH
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High performance: Business Intelligence at its best
Thomastik-Infeld Vienna
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Qlik Customer Success Stories

qlik user report waff 2021 logo 300x97

waff optimises services for employees and jobseekers with Qlik Sense

"Qlik® enables us to provide transparency on the use of funds as well as the success of measures at the same time."


Data-driven insights for all!

"If data is the gold of the Digital Age, then Qlik Sense® would probably be the pickaxe and sieve we use to mine and purify that gold."


High performance: Business Intelligence at its best

"Qlik Sense® is a powerful BI tool that helps us better understand results and make sustainable business decisions."

logo stiglechner large

Qlik Sense provides Stiglechner with real "power reports" every day

"Based on the insights from Qlik Sense® Reports, we can continuously optimise our reporting as well as our service and performance offering."

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Sport Conrad ensures real efficiency - with passion and QlikView

"QlikView® allows us to turn our data into valuable information that is instrumental in helping us increase efficiencies in purchasing, warehousing and marketing."


Duttenhofer keeps an eye on all company data with QlikView®.

"With QlikView®'s flexible analysis and visualisation options, we always have essential and business-critical developments in view."


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