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A strong team: IBM i + ROHA. As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, we have concentrated know-how. Our strength is our many years of experience with business-critical software solutions based on IBM i. Standard solutions, individual development, maintenance and modernisation.

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IBM i applications and technology - more power
for your business.

From standard solutions to individual software development and maintenance of your IBM i (AS/400) - quality is our top priority. We combine all aspects of an IBM i environment with software, hardware and the people who work with it to make your business run at its best. Our software developers have over 100 years of combined experience that you can use to your advantage.

Selected reference customers who have placed their trust in us for many years.

100 years of experience

ROHA specialises in the development and programming of commercial business applications for IBM i. Our team of experienced software developers includes 100+ years of know-how in the development of IBM i software solutions.

"Standard software made to measure"

When business processes need to be mapped in a customised and targeted manner, "customised standard software" with the highest degree of customisation is a good choice. 

User friendly & flexible

Good software solutions must be easy to learn and simple - we think above all about the users who work with it every day. User-friendliness, flexibility and continuous further development are very important to us. 

Optimisation of business processes

Even though the focus of ROHA is on IBM System i, there are good links to technologies that have only emerged in recent years - keyword "mobile". It is precisely this combination that creates efficiency and new approaches to optimising business processes. For example, a customer who is active in textile production uses iPads to measure the time needed for operations in textile production (sewing collars, sewing on buttons, etc.). The data collected via the iPad is sent directly to his calculation programme on the AS/400. Based on this data, the actual production costs are calculated and checked.

Reinventing the future - IBM innovations and manufacturer information

IBM is the leading pioneer of innovative server and storage solutions with outstanding performance, resilience and security features tailored to the needs of its clients. Within the IBM Power portfolio, IBM i is the integrated operating environment for IBM Power™ servers.

A new level of integrated simplicity. IBM i guarantees innovation, investment security and a planning horizon of 10+ years on the part of the manufacturer.

IBM i offers continuous availability, improved security, simplified systems management and the integration of new technologies - making it a reliable platform for businesses.

IBM i operating system: Achieve the resilience, security and robust architecture that drives your business forward. Get more value for your business with fewer resources and higher reliability.

IBM Power Systems:
Enterprise servers. Accelerate your company's server hardware with a future-oriented infrastructure.

Holistic approach to IT infrastructures

The consolidation of individual IT services and intelligent "orchestration" create many advantages for companies. Costs of software developments can be reduced in the long term and the necessary flexibility that business processes demand can be created. Good orchestration ensures that processes can be optimally connected through process-related links between individual applications - this creates efficiency.

Our services for your power

Software development

Special requirements demand special solutions. Often standard solutions are not sufficient to fulfil individual tasks in the world of IBM i (AS/400). Individual software development in RPG, ILE-RPG, RPG/400, SQL, Java, VB.NET, C#, C, C++, Visual Basic, VBA, PHP, CL, i5/OS or Windows opens almost every door. Be and remain flexible - even in existing IT structures and IBM i environments.

High availability

An almost limitless high availability service for IBM i keeps your business processes from coming to a standstill and offers a level of security that meets your individual requirements. Take advantage of a backup machine that is delivered to you within a few hours or is already in our data centre and connected to your production machine via a dedicated line. If something unforeseen happens, we turn the backup machine into a production machine and you continue to work.

Emergency plan & documentation

What does an IT shutdown mean for your company? What measures do you take in an emergency and in what order? There is no time for lengthy decision-making in delicate situations. Due to the right preparation work and dealing with the emergency, you can minimise IT downtimes and thus costs.

Technology: Maintenance of your IBM i

Stable, reliable, consistent. This is how IBM i (AS/400) systems have been running for decades. Care and maintenance should be exactly the same. Technical problems often announce themselves. Early detection and appropriate measures save a lot of money, time and nerves. Take advantage of our many years of experience and benefit from customised maintenance contracts or a complete all-round service.

IBM S/36 Support & Maintenance

Even if systems of the S/36 generation have reached their limits, we do not reach our performance limits with them. Use our know-how for the maintenance and support of S/36 programmes that you would like to continue using or if you are planning a migration.

Standard software made to measure

Our "customised standard solutions" are sector-independent software products with the highest degree of customisation. They are adapted exactly to your requirements and needs. This ensures a lean and customised solution with which you can work efficiently and benefit from a very good price-performance ratio.

ROHA is Lobster partner - electronic data exchange for IBM i

ROHA is Lobster partner and takes care of smooth functioning of your electronic data exchange.
System-independent. Compact. Experienced.

Proven standard solutions with
highest degree of customisation

Accounting & Finance

FBS/400 Financial Accounting System
BAB/400 Company accounting sheet
FEB/400 Financial Electronic Banking
ARS/400 Fixed Asset Accounting System
Cash register module (RKS)

Personnel & Wages

AZE/400 Working Time Recording System

Merchandise Management & Logistics

ABS/400 Order Processing System
GHA/400 wholesale processing
F95 Freight (cooperation with RC)

Industry software

PWS/400 Poster advertising system

Analyses & Evaluations

XLS/400 Excel Output
FIS/400 Financial Information System
DWS/400 Data Warehouse System

Development Software & Tools

NAB/400 Native Application Builder
DUV/400 Duplicate prevention
DTB/400 Data carrier provision
GEO/400 Geo-coordinates

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