One partner. All possibilities.

ROHA is your reliable IT service provider for output management with SpoolMaster, business intelligence (BI) with Qlik, applications for IBM i (AS/400), network technology, IT support, consulting & consulting. Many years of experience and a highly motivated team make us a strong partner for your IT tasks.

ROHA success story

Our roots go back to 1986, when Wolfgang M. Roser laid the first foundation stone for our success story as an IT service provider. 

One of the core areas at the beginning - as it is today - is the development and programming of commercial business applications for IBM i (AS/400).

Over the decades, the range of services and products has been expanded again and again in response to customer or market requirements. Over the course of time, this also led to the founding of several companies.

In 1996, due to customer requirements, another core competence developed: Network technology, IT support, server maintenance, ongoing support, user support and everything that goes with it.

Since 1997, we have been one of the leading providers of output management solutions for IBM i (AS/400) with "SpoolMaster" - first and foremost in the D-A-CH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and thanks to a close-knit partner network also worldwide.

In 2004, we expanded our scope of services with solutions for Business Intelligence (BI). As an official Qlik® Solution Provider, we offer not only the Qlik® software solution, but above all practical and goal-oriented consulting and support.

Since October 2018, ROHA has been part of Axians ICT Austria, thus uniting not only the companies that have emerged up to that point, but above all the diverse range of IT solutions under one roof.

True to the motto:
One partner. All possibilities.

Team ROHA - We are there for you!

As the first point of contact, we are happy to take care of your concerns and questions.

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Jasmin Dundore-Janschitz
Office Management and Marketing Assistance

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Christian Fugina
Business Unit Manager/Prokurist


Monika Laura Owsianko
Office Management and Marketing Assistance

Many motivated personalities who realise a vision.

In beautiful Vienna, over 25 wonderful people give their best every day to make everyday business life easier and more efficient for companies and their users. Together, our team has over 100 years of know-how in software development. A treasure trove of experience from which customers can only benefit.

ROHA Milestones


Year founded - Focus is on the development and programming of commercial business applications for IBM i (AS/400).


Expansion of the range of services to include network technology, IT support and IT consulting.


SpoolMaster enriches the portfolio. The IBM i (AS/400) market still has no idea that this solution will establish itself as the number 1 output management system.


ROHA moves to the location Ameisgasse 49-51, Vienna 1140.


Entry into the business intelligence consulting business with Qlik as the leading solution.


The 500th SpoolMaster customer installation is completed.


For the first time, ROHA serves more than 600 individual customers in a single financial year.


ROHA becomes part of the Axians ICT Austria Group.


ROHA completes 650th Qlik project


ROHA grows to 25 employees and continues its steady growth path.


First ROHA Software Programmer Academy starts in January 2023!


Facts & Figures

Vision & Mission

Our goal is to understand our customers' business field and requirements precisely in order to find the right answers and solutions for them. As a trustworthy and highly professional partner and IT service provider, we are always at and on the side of the customer. Completely in the sense of: One partner. All possibilities.

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Our contribution - We protect our environment!

Our planet is our home, our only home. Where will we go if we destroy it. - Dalai Lama

We have already implemented measures for sustainable and environmentally conscious action in the following areas.

IT Service Provider - ROHA Netzwerktechnik IT Consulting
IT service provider

For us, responsibility towards the environment means ...

Avoid paper

We use recycled paper and reduce our paper consumption.

Save electricity

In the evening, the PCs are shut down and all the lights are turned off.

Reduce consumption

We only print when it is really necessary! Toners are used as long as possible - even if the printer is already complaining.

Less chemistry

We do not use environmentally harmful cleaning agents!

Public transport & bicycle instead of car

We motivate our employees to come to work by public transport or bicycle. For this, we pay for the annual pass or a bicycle premium.


We pay attention to fair trade products when buying.

No plastic!

We switched from plastic bottles to glass bottles and avoid plastic packaging!

Conserve resources

We combine orders to reduce the number of deliveries.

Save energy

We use energy-friendly equipment and pay attention to the efficiency class when purchasing.

Shop regionally

We buy sustainable promotional items from regional manufacturers with eco seals.

Home Office

We offer our employees the opportunity to spend individual working days in the home office. This saves travel and reduces our carbon footprint.


We consistently separate our waste and thus ensure optimal recycling.

Benefit from our wide range of services.

IBM i (AS/400) applications

Standard solution or individual development, maintenance or modernisation?

Network technology

We take care of IT landscapes, manage IT networks and provide users with advice and support.

Output management

SpoolMaster reliably takes care of all your output based on IBM i (AS/400).

Business Intelligence

Meaningful and dynamic dashboards in real time for decision makers and strategists.

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IBM i (AS/400) applications

From standard solutions to individual software development and maintenance of your IBM i (AS/400) - quality is always our priority. In addition, the many aspects of an IBM i (AS/400) environment with software, hardware and the people who work with it must be understood so that projects can be successfully implemented. We, as an experienced IT service provider, know this and therefore work holistically - now and in the future!

Our team of experienced software developers includes 100+ years of know-how in the development of IBM software applications.

Network Technology & IT Support

No matter whether you are a start-up company in the IT planning stage or already have an extensive IT landscape in place: For more than 25 years, we have been the right IT service provider if you are aiming for a smoothly functioning IT. As an experienced IT system house, we currently look after more than 40 customers and take care of network and server maintenance, PC maintenance, user support and problems such as viruses, hardware failure or spam attacks.

Services for PC and IBM i (AS/400) infrastructures at a glance:

  • Consultation, installation & set-up
  • Server/Network Maintenance
  • IT Support & Helpdesk
  • On-site service in the Vienna area and/or remote maintenance
  • IT documentation
  • Exchange & Emails
  • Backup and security solutions
  • Tailor-made maintenance contracts
  • Computer service (hardware maintenance, virus protection, software updates, etc.)
  • IT Outsourcing
  • IT and Security Training Centre
  • IBM Platinum Business Partner

Let our IT experts put together your individual IT carefree package. This gives you a competent IT department that is there for you personally at all times - but without the well-known disadvantages of salaried IT technicians such as salaries or absences due to holidays/sick leave. Contact us!

Output management

SpoolMaster is THE flexible and future-oriented output management solution for IBM i (AS/400). Due to the modular structure, numerous possibilities are open to you to individually adapt SpoolMaster to your output requirements.

SpoolMaster is easy to install and quickly configured. It fits easily into existing IT landscapes and offers more freedom in form design than one would expect. It provides valuable services for creating and editing documents, inputting and outputting, distributing and archiving documents.

The proven output all-rounder provides undreamt-of savings potential.

Business Intelligence

Harnessing the potential of data, turning it into valuable information and creating real competitive advantage - with the right software, huge mountains of data can be conquered and business-relevant questions answered. Business Intelligence (BI) is essential when executives, managers and other end users need to make informed business decisions and act quickly.

Decision-makers benefit from our business know-how and the experience we have gained in numerous BI projects over the last 25 years as an IT service provider.

With a "Qlik" to your company data.

Contact us now!

There are many tasks we can do for you. And there are many ways to optimise IT processes and improve performance. Perhaps you even have an acute problem that you need to solve promptly? Don't hesitate and contact us. A personal discussion is the quickest way to find out how you can organise your IT tasks in a streamlined and efficient manner.

We are your reliable IT service provider for output management, business intelligence (BI), applications for IBM i (AS/400), network technology, IT support and consulting.

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