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Business Intelligence at the highest level:
Visual data analysis with Qlik®.

The powerful and user-friendly data analysis software Qlik delivers real knowledge and valuable insights. With it, you make business decisions in a targeted, fast and, above all, correct way. The Qlik BI tool turns business intelligence (BI) into an important competitive advantage. Increase your sales, recognise correlations and use your company data like never before.

Merge data

With Qlik, data is aggregated and prepared to provide significant support to executives, managers and other decision makers to make targeted business decisions.

Draw a conclusion

The aim of Business Intelligence is to recognise the constantly growing interrelationships between all areas of a company (in time) by means of the interconnectedness of data in order to be able to draw business conclusions.

What are the advantages of the Power BI tool Qlik?

  • clear dashboards
  • visually appealing reports
  • Free data analyses with drag & drop
  • Quick to learn and intuitive to use
  • Fast implementation of the BI solution
  • Big Data Analytics at the touch of a button saves a lot of time
  • Full access down to the detailed level - even on the move with Qlik on Mobile
  • uvm.
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Qlik - Big Data Analytics always in view

Use the data analysis software directly on your desktop or on the go!

Benefit from a BI reporting tool that makes drag-and-drop analysis effortless. Qlik users don't have to make assumptions. They know exactly how to make faster and smarter decisions thanks to the self-service BI tool. Qlik is so easy to use that you can merge, search, evaluate, visualise and analyse your data very quickly and intuitively. This means you always have an overview and also gain completely new insights.

Your BI partner with a lot of experience

We transform mountains of data into meaningful knowledge - big data at the highest level

Choose a BI partner that supports you with its many years of practical experience and a great deal of commitment - from consulting and planning to the real deployment of your business intelligence concept.

ROHA offers analysis, consulting, conception and implementation of business intelligence solutions from one competent source and has 25 years of experience.

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Experience Qlik data analysis directly and live

See for yourself and look to your new future - with Business Intelligence and Qlik

Take advantage of Qlik's straightforward online presentation. Contact us and we will arrange a live demo appointment. An expert will call you at the agreed time and give you a live, hands-on presentation of Qlik during the phone call.

Look at your own company data in a completely new light. It's worth it!

What are key figures and why are they important
for companies?

equity capital profitability - stock ratios - liquidity ratios - accounting ratios - controlling ratios

Through visualisation, key controlling figures achieve the informative value that is needed for strategic and operational decisions

Key performance indicators (or corporate ratios) are an important tool for measuring and quantifying (number) the activities of a company.

A key figure shows the business status and illustrates the development of a company. If these key financial figures flow into business intelligence applications, they can be clearly presented in interactive dashboards and used as a valuable decision-making aid for successful company management.

Which key figures are really relevant for your company and what do you want to see "at a glance"?

The term key performance indicator comes from business administration and generally refers to metrics that can be used to determine the progress or degree of fulfilment of set goals. Business performance indicators are the basis for any graphical visualisation - especially for business intelligence applications such as Qlik.

We support you in setting up a meaningful dashboard and ensure successful key figure controlling with Qlik.

What would you like to do next?

big data analysis tool

Many good reasons speak for the BI system Qlik

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Qlik is easy to use

With the user-friendly BI application, you get your data analysis in a flash with just a few mouse clicks.

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Qlik keeps the overview

Thanks to the intuitive operation, you have all dashboards and reports at your fingertips at all times - directly on your desktop or via your mobile device.

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Qlik brings all data together

Through the intelligent consolidation of all company data, relevant correlations become visible.

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Qlik visualises your data analyses

The visual representation of your evaluations and results quickly draws your attention to essential situations.

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Qlik is implemented quickly

Due to short implementation and training times, your investment in business analytics pays for itself very quickly.

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Qlik works in all directions

Explore your business data from a wide range of sources in record time and freely in all directions. That's Business Discovery.

Be independent. With Qlik Sense.

Qlik Sense means fast, drag-and-drop visualisations for individuals, teams and businesses. Link your data, make real information out of it and also recognise hidden connections.


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Business Intelligence in the fight against cancer

medical data - healthcare - quality assurance - medical evaluations - cancer diagnoses

The Tumor Center Upper Austria is a regional network of experts that pools the medical expertise of the participating hospitals with regard to the various tumor diseases.

Cancer is a life-changing event. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, life often changes abruptly. At the Tumor Center Upper Austria, it is a matter of course to provide patients with the best possible therapy for their situation (

Treatment close to home and cutting-edge medical care are not mutually exclusive, but complement each other in a meaningful way to ensure optimum medical, nursing and psychosocial care in line with the latest scientific findings.

qlik user report tumor center locations
13x in Upper Austria - optimally supplied

"Qlik Sense® helps us to establish comprehensive medical knowledge management in real time."

Univ. Doz. Dr. Ansgar Weltermann, Head of the Center for Tumor Diseases at the Ordensklinikum Linz

qlik user report tumor center oberoesterreich

Business intelligence and artificial intelligence in healthcare

In healthcare, business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI) have taken on a transformative role. These innovative technologies make it possible to collect, analyze and interpret large amounts of medical data in order to measure and improve the quality of healthcare.

Hospitals benefit from BI and AI through optimized resource utilization, cost reduction and improved patient satisfaction. The ability to access real-time data helps to better plan resources and improve workflows.

The benefits of BI and AI in healthcare

Oncology patients often receive not just one treatment method, but individually different combinations of various treatment methods for an optimal treatment response. Surgery, radiotherapy and drug therapy are used in different forms and sequences. BI supports the presentation of the efficiency and safety of the therapy methods used.

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Vienna Employee Assistance Fund waff optimises services for employees and jobseekers with Qlik Sense

data analytics - cost reduction - process optimisation - information transparency - central analysis platform

Mission Make workers strong

Information - counselling - support: these are the tasks of the Vienna Employment Promotion Fund (waff) and its approximately 200 employees, an institution that is unique in Austria and ensures that the Viennese are able to take advantage of existing job opportunities. The waff offers support for employees as well as for job seekers.

Turbo for information provision

A prerequisite for high responsiveness is quickly available up-to-date knowledge about job seekers and their respective qualifications, available qualification measures and job offers. Here, waff wanted to ignite the turbo with the help of a business intelligence solution. "We wanted to make all relevant information from different sources available centrally and be able to link them for flexible analyses and reports," says Heinz Fassl, project manager for application management at waff.

"In the past, we have noticed an increasing need for exactly this spontaneous availability of sound information. This requires either someone who is very familiar with all the stand-alone solutions or - and this is the much more efficient and future-proof option - an IT solution that can provide answers in a straightforward manner and at the push of a button."

It was important to waff to find a solution that could be used independently by the employees in the various departments in order to relieve the IT on the one hand and on the other hand to enable the departments to retrieve information flexibly and in different granularities exactly when it is needed.

qlik user report waff 2021 jpg

The decisive factors for choosing Qlik as the BI platform were in particular the connectivity of almost any data source as well as the high analysis flexibility and user-friendliness.

As an experienced Qlik partner with expertise in projects for the public sector, waff brought ROHA Software Support GmbH on board to provide support both in integrating the solution and data and in developing the application.

Know more faster

By using the Qlik solution, waff and AMS Vienna benefit from optimised control of qualification measures. "With Qlik, we have a solution in use that enables us to harmonise the target groups and the programmes we offer as well as possible and also to make the cooperation with the AMS more efficient," says Heinz Fassl.

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Data-driven insights for all!

Reporting Solution - BI Solution Qlik Sense® - Monitoring - Warehouse Utilisation Reports - Batch Evaluations - Trend Analyses

Murexin stands for tradition and high quality in the construction industry like hardly any other company!

As a company of Schmid Industrieholding GmbH, Murexin is part of an Austrian group rich in tradition. This family includes companies such as Austrotherm, Baumit, Furtenbach, Wopfinger Transportbeton, Lorencic, Wolf Plastics and Ortner.

The construction chemicals producer Murexin can look back on over 90 years of experience. Ecology and sustainability are core topics of the company. With a total of around 400 employees, Murexin guarantees professional all-round support at a high level. There are about 3000 products in six divisions around the topic of construction chemicals.

Murexin has been using innovative evaluation options and visualisations of business intelligence solutions since 2016.

Qlik Sense® - The most powerful all-in-one solution for modern BI

After implementing a new ERP system, business decisions should be made even more effectively, earlier and in a more customer-oriented way, so Murexin was looking for a modern and quickly implementable reporting solution for the management and other business areas. The choice fell on the Viennese Qlik partner ROHA and the BI solution Qlik Sense®.

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Advantages & Benefits of Qlik Sense®

During the first wave of the Corona pandemic, daily monitoring made it possible to track important changes in the order situation down to the detailed level (geographical, product-specific, customer-specific).

Up-to-the-minute reports put Murexin in a position to quickly make company-relevant adjustments in the areas of production and sales.

Stock level calculations and a daily stock utilisation report provide valuable insights, as do batch evaluations when processing complaints. Customers benefit from an even better and faster service when processing their enquiries.

"If data is the gold of the Digital Age, then I guess Qlik Sense would be the pickaxe and sieve we use to mine and clean that gold."

Martin Reisser, Murexin GmbH

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High-Performance: Business Intelligence from its best "string

Business Intelligence - BI Tool - Qlik Sense® - Visualisation - Trend Display - Sales - Revenue - Production


Thomastik-Infeld has been developing and producing high-performance musical strings in the heart of Vienna since 1919. That's over 100 years of experience, research and innovation, over 100 years of continuous listening.

The company's philosophy is both an aspiration and an incentive: to develop the most modern, reliable
and richest-sounding products for string, plucked and
world instruments.

Through progressive engineering design, technical expertise and the most precise dexterity, Thomastik-Infeld creates the kind of sound that convinces and inspires on stages and streets around the world.   

Qlik Sense® plays all
pieces at the highest level

In 2020, Thomastik-Infeld GmbH decided to transfer the previously used planning and reporting solutions to a more effective platform in order to optimise sales and distribution planning.

In addition, production planning should be enabled to react quickly and at short notice to changes in sales.

Qlik Sense® ensures shorter delivery times

The aim of the Qlik Sense® BI solution used is to make the high-quality strings available to artists worldwide with even shorter waiting times.

Management takes advantage of Qlik Sense® in the area of visualisation and trending to make key business decisions even better.

"Qlik Sense® is a powerful BI tool that helps us better understand results and make sustainable business decisions."

Michelle Buchinger, Director IT, Thomastik-Infeld

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Qlik Sense® provides Stiglechner with real "power reports" every day

Business Intelligence - BI Tool - Qlik Sense® - Visualisation - Trend Display - Sales - Revenue - Production

Julius Stiglechner GmbH is one of the leading medium-sized mineral oil companies in Austria.

Founded in 1923 by Julius Stiglechner, the family business is now run by the fourth generation of the owners and a young, motivated team of employees.

The core business of Julius Stiglechner GmbH is the operation and supply of petrol stations as well as the distribution of its own fuel card "iQ Card".

Currently, the petrol station network comprises 160 locations throughout Austria. 62 stations are owned by independent service station partners. They operate jointly on the market under their own brand iQ or under the licensed brand Shell and Eni and are exclusively supplied with premium fuels and system solutions for all aspects of the filling station. 98 petrol stations are owned by the company itself. Here, too, the iQ and Shell brands as well as Eni are used.

With the iQ Card, the company has offered its own fuel card since 2007, which today constitutes the second main pillar. With different and flexible card solutions, a variety of national and international, commercial and private customers are reached.

Qlik Sense® - powerful and modern

As a provider of innovative services in the mineral oil and petrol station segment, Julius Stiglechner uses IT tools to increase the level of service or to adapt to changes in customer behaviour or preferences. In this context, the evaluation and reporting power of Qlik's business intelligence tools has been used for many years. 

Not only are ongoing central KPIs for internal process optimisation and control, such as contribution margins, comparative parameters between locations or profit and loss accounting indices evaluated, but also customer-related service areas, e.g. IQ-Card usage behaviour, are collected and - based on the findings of the reports - subjected to continuous improvement of the service level.

In order to be able to act even faster and more comprehensively, the decision was made to gradually migrate the traditional evaluation tool QlikView to the modern Qlik Sense® (also from Qlik).

Up-to-the-minute evaluations for tracking the daily turnover of each petrol station, volume tracking per petrol station and per country (incorporating geo-analytics data) and purchasing and sales statistics in the petrol station shops have proved particularly useful.

Great importance is also attached to tracking customer purchasing behaviour and incorporating new customer data in order to continuously align the service and performance offer with actual customer preferences

The migration from QlikView to Qlik Sense® was made possible with the Qlik Sense QlikView Converter, which was able to generate numerous adaptations "automatically".

Qlik Sense® offers Julius Stiglechner many new visualisation options and additional functions, which in turn are used to improve the efficiency of internal processes and increase customer service.

"Based on insights from Qlik Sense® Reports, we can continually optimize our reporting and our service and performance offerings."

Michaela Bernecker, Julius Stiglechner GmbH

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Sport Conrad ensures real efficiency - with passion and QlikView®.

Efficiency increase - Business Intelligence - QlikView® - sales increase - daily updated figures - purchasing - warehouse

What began as a small shoemaker's shop in 1897 in Penzberg in the Bavarian Oberland is still a family business today.

Sport Conrad has been one of the leading sporting goods retailers for skiing, ski touring, snowboarding and outdoor equipment in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps for more than 125 years. 

The business is now run by the fourth generation and is firmly rooted in the region with its three branches. This is also thanks to the employees who love mountain and skiing, just like the founder Johann Conrad. The sales staff are passionate about sports themselves and know exactly what they are talking about.

Since its foundation, Sport Conrad has grown continuously and become one of the leading sporting goods retailers in Germany.

A very special focus has always been on winter sports, because skiing, ski touring, telemark and freeriding are the passions that are reflected in one of the largest ski ranges in the world.

conrad qlik customersuccessstory2015 jpg

QlikView® provides important insights

In order to increase efficiency in the various company processes and thus turnover, the Bavarian sporting goods retailer was looking for a powerful and user-friendly BI software with the shortest possible implementation time and a manageable training phase. They wanted a solution that would allow them to view data from different perspectives and gain new insights - without having to constantly rely on cost-intensive programming work. In addition, the data should be retrievable at short notice and updated daily without long loading times. 

Sport Conrad relies on ROHA and QlikView®

The QlikView business discovery solution best met Sport Conrad's requirements profile. Not only the solution itself was convincing, but also the Viennese Qlik partner, who ensured a smooth software implementation and the go-live of the first applications within one week.

ROHA has many years of experience in consulting and supporting the realisation of BI projects.

"QlikView® allows us to turn our data into valuable information that significantly helps us increase efficiencies in purchasing, warehousing and marketing."

Thomas Janker, Purchasing Manager, Sport Conrad GmbH

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Duttenhofer keeps an eye on all company data with QlikView®.

Evaluate data - Analysis - Visualisation - Business Intelligence - QlikView® - Key figures - BI project - BI provider

The Duttenhofer Group is one of the leading distributors of technical consumer goods in Europe.

The Duttenhofer Group can look back on over 100 years of company history. What began in 1904 with the founding of a small photo shop has developed into an impressive success story.

Today, the Duttenhofer Group is one of the leading distributors of digital imaging products in Europe. In addition to this focus, the group of companies has also made a name for itself in the areas of consumer electronics, multimedia and memory cards.

Largest independent company
in the photo industry in Germany

Seven mail order companies from the wholesale and retail trade and a specialised trade cooperation with over 520 partners are today managed under the umbrella of the Duttenhofer group of companies. A network of companies that is one of the most influential market players in the European CE and imaging market.

The name Duttenhofer stands for a modern, successful trading company that generates a turnover of over 300 million euros and employs around 300 people. The continuous development of the company as a whole and the expansion of its market position are the result of consistent customer and quality orientation.

Customer, product and supplier information
from around 21.5 million data records evaluate

No simple task for a single BI solution. In order to be able to offer customers and end consumers an optimal service and at the same time work economically, Duttenhofer has to permanently process a large amount of data.

After evaluating a number of providers and products, the decision was soon and clearly made in favour of QlikView®and the BI specialist ROHA Software Support GmbH.

QlikView® in the house of Duttenhofer

Within two months, the entire BI project was implemented - from the creation of the requirements profile to the technical implementation and creation of the first analysis applications to the start-up in the individual departments. Despite a wide variety of requirements, the analyses with QlikView® are now quick and easy: from the point of view of articles to customers/countries and vice versa, or from suppliers to customers/articles.

"The processing speeds have increased significantly. The uncomfortable feeling of having to carry out evaluations using Query and Excel has given way to the security of now receiving all relevant data in a presentable form with a "Qlik" and being able to focus on the essentials. Asignificant advantage is the immediate availability of a wide variety of views," reports Peter Roßhirt, Head of ORG/DV at the Duttenhofer Group.

"With QlikView®'s flexible analysis and visualisation options, we always have essential and business-critical developments in view."

Dipl.-Kfm. Peter Roßhirt, Head of ORG/DV

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Improved consulting management thanks to Qlik Sense®.

Merge data - analysis - visualization - increase service level - QlikSense® - different data sources

Healthy employees

Professional, but also personal challenges have an impact on the psyche and performance of employees. Conflicts in the private sphere are taken to the workplace and cause high costs through a drop in concentration or performance, lack of motivation, absenteeism and possibly even long-term illness.

Companies that offer their employees EAP (Employee Assistance Program) fulfill their social mission, act preventively and thus also economically, since valuable human resources are retained, strengthened and promoted within the company.

Healthy employees are motivated, loyal and productive. They are among the most important success factors of an organization and bring about significant competitive advantages.

EAP is an effective, sustainable and well-planned investment that benefits companies and their employees alike. " "

Merge data from different sources

The EAP Institute relies on Qlik Sense® to provide up-to-date evaluations and visualizations of the level of service, the consulting topics used, and the utilization of available consultants at any time. Thanks to the simple planning and forecasting options for resources, availabilities and customer needs, consultants can be deployed more effectively.

By aggregating and analyzing data from different sources, updated daily in Qlik Sense®, the EAP Institute has achieved greater transparency in case management. Significant progress has also been made in customer and sales reporting.

The EAP Institute is enthusiastic about the flexibility and user-friendliness of Qlik Sense® and recommends the solution to any company that wants to run efficient consulting management.

"With Qlik Sense® we have found a powerful solution to combine and analyze our data from different sources. This improves our resource planning and allows us to provide an even better service to our customers."

Dr. Cornelia Martens, Managing Director of the EAP Institute

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With Qlik Sense®, roofing expert OBEN-AUF is on top

Merge data - analysis - visualization - increase service level - QlikSense® - different data sources

Roof expert OBEN-AUF
is always one step ahead.

Never before have there been so many different types and styles of roofs. Tile, concrete, sheet metal, fiber cement, green ... Each has its advantages and can make an important contribution to the overall appearance of a house.

For 20 years OBEN-AUF d.o.o. has been operating as one of the leading suppliers of roof constructions, roof extensions and roof renovations. The needs of roofers, installers, architects and private builders are always the focus.

With its headquarters in Ljubljana, a branch office in Maribor, and service centers in Novo Mesto and Kranj, the company is present in almost all parts of Slovenia.

" "

On top with Qlik Sense

The business intelligence solution Qlik Sense® was able to best meet OBEN-AUF's requirements profile. Not only the solution itself was convincing, but also the experienced Qlik partner ROHA Software Support GmbH.

With a "Qlik" to the overview

It was important for the Slovenian umbrella expert to provide several departments with a clear and meaningful overview of all essential purchasing and sales data.

For controlling, corporate management and sales management, correlations of business data and operational key figures must be quickly and easily visible so that they always have deviations or business-critical developments in view and can react accordingly.

Regular reporting to internal departments as well as a management cockpit for the daily "look at the core KPIs" were further targets that could be successfully implemented with the BI solution Qlik Sense®.

"With 5 to 10 minutes maximum in Qlik Sense® in the morning, the office day starts fully informed about the key metrics of our business."

Mag. Paul Spitzer, Managing Director OBEN-AUF d.o.o


For all the knowledge contained in your data & key figures?