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SpoolMaster. The master of output management for IBM i (AS/400).

SpoolMaster is the in-house developed output management software of ROHA Software Support GmbH. More than 870 installations of the unique output all-rounder are supported worldwide. Due to the modular structure there are numerous possibilities to adapt SpoolMaster exactly to your output needs.

What does SpoolMaster do for you?

SpoolMaster is the future-oriented output management system for IBM i (AS/400) that puts your data into a contemporary and appealing form. Due to the modular structure, numerous possibilities are open to you to individually adapt SpoolMaster to your output needs.

What are the advantages of SpoolMaster?
  • Modular structure - you only pay for the functions you need
  • Digital dispatch of forms and documents - reduces your postage costs
  • Digital archiving in PDF/A or TIFF - creates more space in the filing cabinet & saves printing costs
  • Delete, copy, distribute and edit spool files
  • Form design directly on the PC with "Visual Forms Language" (

Is your output management system
overwhelmed with the amount of data?

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How do you send your invoices and what does that have to do with resource conservation?

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Life writes the best success stories ...

With compact customer success stories, our customers report on why they have chosen SpoolMaster and how they use the output all-rounder on a daily basis. Authentic and unvarnished. Find out more about the many possible uses of SpoolMaster and let yourself be inspired. There are numerous tasks that SpoolMaster can also perform effortlessly and reliably for you.

SpoolMaster gets important data into shape

For many years, the proven IBM i (AS/400) system has been used by companies - especially for business-critical areas such as merchandise management. The high reliability of this system is still undisputed. However, one weakness of the system is the graphical preparation of the data. Those who want to remedy this situation use the popular output management software SpoolMaster.

The advantages at a glance

SpoolMaster saves costs

No matter if postage, paper or filing cabinets. With SpoolMaster you send and archive your offers, order confirmations and invoices with a variety of cost-saving options - via e-mail, SMS, eBilling, ZUGFeRD and much more.

Output management in top technical quality

SpoolMaster brings your IBM i (AS/400) spool output directly to your PC. From here you edit the files with your existing programs.

Meeting all challenges with SpoolMaster

SpoolMaster adapts to the requirements of your business area - from output in different languages to barcodes, everything is possible.

Future-proof output management

SpoolMaster is continuously developed further according to strict quality guidelines. Since the findings from everyday practice or new legal requirements are continuously incorporated, your output management is and remains up-to-date at all times.

SpoolMaster is modular

The many functions of the proven output management solution SpoolMaster for IBM i (AS/400) are divided into individual modules. So you get and pay for exactly what you need for your business. Tailor-made and without unnecessary ballast.

SpoolMaster speaks many (printer) languages

All PCL-capable printers can be addressed with SpoolMaster - at any location and on any (inexpensive) network printer.

SpoolMaster is easy to install

Existing applications of your IT infrastructure remain completely unaffected by the installation and configuration of your new output management system SpoolMaster.

Rapid support and professional maintenance

Practical support and short response times ensure quick solutions even in critical situations. Daily contact with users is a valuable exchange of experience that flows into the further development and constant improvement of future releases.

Frequently asked questions

to the output management solution SpoolMaster for IBM i (AS/400)

Due to the quick and easy integration of SpoolMaster into running ERP systems, SpoolMaster benefits all medium-sized companies that need to further process and output AS/400 spools from their merchandise management, financial accounting, warehousing, etc. The goal: information output on paper and further processing for e-business should be cheap, efficient and of high quality.

SpoolMaster enables spool output from the AS/400 iSeries at any location and on any inexpensive network printer as well as in various file formats. This not only relieves the IT department, but with the new interactive version of the output management system, every user can determine the path of their spools themselves, all the way to fax and e-mail, without complicated commands. In addition, the creation or modification of electronic forms can be done in-house, making the storage or distribution of forms superfluous. In addition, ROHA provides standard forms quickly by e-mail.

All PCL-capable printers can be addressed. Apart from the SpoolMaster, no other software products are necessary on the AS/400. No print servers etc. need to be defined.

A. SpoolMaster module Mail AS/400
The SpoolMaster module Mail AS/400 enables direct e-mail transmission from the AS/400. For this, only a TCP/IP connection from the AS/400 to the mail server must exist. The SpoolMaster sends the e-mail to the mail server via the SMTP protocol.

All data streams generated by the SpoolMaster can be used as attachments to the e-mails. Addressee, CC, BCC, subject and texts of the e-mail can either be extracted dynamically from the spool text or entered manually. A total of up to 25 addressees can be entered, plus 25 CC and BCC recipients each. The sender address can be variable or fixed depending on the spool file. Thus AS/400 spool files can be sent directly from the AS/400 as e-mails, as well as fully automatic mass e-mails or e-mails to be sent regularly.

B. Module SpoolMaster Mail PC-Client
The module SpoolMaster Mail PC-Client enables the sending of e-mails from the AS/400 via a PC client which communicates with the mail server via the MAPI interface. This means that the AS/400 does not have to be connected to the mail server. All data streams generated by SpoolMaster can be used as the format of the attachments. After defining the mail client once on the PC, spools can be sent automatically from the AS/400 via this mail client, which is connected to a mail server, as an e-mail. This also applies to fully automatic mass e-mails or e-mails to be sent regularly. The addressee and texts of the e-mail can either be entered manually or extracted automatically from the spool text.

With the SpoolMaster Segmenter module, a spool file can be segmented according to certain criteria. After segmentation, there is one spool file per criterion that can be selected independently for e-mailing.

Yes, SpoolMaster can create PDF documents from spool files. All formatting is supported as with printing and SpoolMaster creates an almost identical PDF file. In addition, SpoolMaster can also embed fonts in the document.

If a form was created on the basis of any PC application, this form is made available on the AS/400 via SpoolMaster Forms & Graphics. This means that the forms or graphics and logos are converted by SpoolMaster and can then be dynamically integrated as static overlays or as page segments.

SpoolMaster makes it possible to create and change print types quickly and easily directly on the AS/400: SpoolMaster Forms Language FL offers easy positioning of boxes, lines, texts as well as logos or graphics. With the version SpoolMaster 5.0, the placement of objects is intuitive due to the possibility of entering decimal places for start and end positions - without calculating the length or size of boxes, lines etc.. With the graphical interface Visual Forms Language VFL, the AS/400 user can also layout his page by mouse. This makes the design of new print types or the modification of existing pages child's play. The new Dynamic Forms Language DFL makes it possible to define dynamic areas of the form - not just static ones - in the form itself. This means that not only the fixed parts such as frames or lines can be defined in the form, but also the parts that are to be output depending on the spool content.

Here you can access the SpoolMaster product information, which describes how it works.

Head of Development Herbert Pfeifer explains technical details on how SpoolMaster works in a short video: Here to the video on YouTube

Here you can access the SpoolMaster product information, in which all modules are described in detail.

Yes. Each SpoolMaster module can be tested in the full version for 30 days - completely free of charge and without obligation. Please simply write to us at

Application examples

SpoolMaster in practical use

Output Management SpoolMaster IBM AS400

How it works

In this video, Head of Development Herbert Pfeifer explains technical details on how SpoolMaster, the popular output all-rounder for IBM i (AS/400), works.


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Output Management SpoolMaster IBM AS400

Customer testimonials

"The expert advice and rapid implementation with SpoolMaster convinced us."
Detlef Wollseifer
IT Manager Gallhöfer Dach GmbH
"I would be very happy if we had more suppliers who are as quickly accessible and competent as ROHA."
Roland Weissenrieder
IT Manager LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH
"We very soon realised that we were on the right track with ROHA. Professionalism and speed convinced us. It was really fun."
Ralf Juhas
IT Manager, Versandhaus Walz GmbH
"With SpoolMaster, we hit the bull's eye and can now reliably master our tasks."
Torsten Helmker
Head of IT ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland GmbH
"I have a good feeling about SpoolMaster reliably mastering our daily tasks."
Carsten Meier
IT Manager medi GmbH & Co. KG
"Thanks to SpoolMaster, we have been able to do without expensive special printers and now print on much cheaper PCL devices. In addition, SpoolMaster provides automatic archiving of all spools in PDF format directly from the AS/400, which saves further costs in data manipulation."
ANITA Dr. Helbig GmbH

There are many tasks that SpoolMaster can do for you. And there are many ways to save on output management.

Perhaps you even have an acute problem that you need to solve promptly? Don't hesitate any longer and contact us. A personal conversation is the quickest way to find out how you can organise your output efficiently.

Optimise your output management for IBM i (AS/400) - print workflows, print processes, print output, electronic forms and form handling, spool files, barcodes, PDFs, archiving and much more.

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SpoolMaster is an IBM i (AS/400) software solution developed by ROHA Software Support GmbH for flexible and future-proof output management.